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A single-player, co-DMed, Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition actual-play podcast. Leoril and Phirora Valcyne embark on a journey across the world of Illiri in pursuit of a birthright, a battle, and a secret that will change their lives forever.
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Latest Episodes…

  1. Episode 7 - The Hideaway and the Hierophant

    Phirora and Fenandrys embark on a rescue mission. The bard "Mira" knows more than she lets on. Important players in Astraria's grand political game - and an unexpected stowaway - make their way to the small village of Embertide as Phi learns that not everything in her life is as ...


  2. Episode 6 - Inconvenient Truths

    A dangerous situation comes to a boiling point in the city-state of Lockham. Leoril seizes an opportunity. Eleanora grapples with some uncomfortable memories. Zed finds out that the truth has a way of coming out whether he likes it or not. With the life of Lockham's boy king and the ...


  3. Episode 5 - The Rising Tide

    Phirora prepares for a conflict. Kalessa has a bad feeling. Fen finally gets his Big Day. Faced with threats both far-away and too close for comfort, the most important holiday in Astraria drawing ever closer, and the appearance of a mysterious new ...


  4. Episode 4 - Hunter, Hunted

    Leoril makes good on a promise. Zed finds a quest worth undertaking. Eleanora thoroughly enjoys watching the chaos that ensues. A troupe of bandits, a political boon, and a lavish party all coalesce into one realization: Leoril Valcyne is too fucking bisexual ...


  5. Episode 3 - Three-Ring Circus

    Meanwhile, back in Astraria, Phirora has to juggle several issues - and not just because the circus is in town. With the party of the year, an unwelcome memory, and a sinister plot at hand, Phi's carefully-cultivated existence is about to become a spectacle for the ages. The transcript for this ...